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      1. 江蘇遠洋藥業股份有限公司

        Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

      2. About us

        "Advanced process, first-rate products, perfect service" as Yuanyang's firm principle in business.

        Founded in 2003, Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (shorted for Yuanyang hereafter, originally Changshu Jincheng Chem Co.,Ltd and Jiangsu Yuanyang Chemical Co., Ltd.) is sited at Zhitang Industrial Park of Changshu city in Jiangsu Province, sited 906.5km of national highway G 204, and 58 km east to Shanghai and 50 km north to Suzhou. Yuanyang stands among the networks of the expressways of Changshu-Taizhou, Yanjiang (along the Yangtze), Changshu-Jiaxing, Wuxi-Taicang, enjoying all the advantageous convenience of transportation by water, land or air with Shanghai, Taicang, Changshu and Zhangjiagang ports nearby and International airports of Pudong and Hongqiao less than one hour's drive.


        Yuanyang covers an area of 54,000m2 with 20,000m² of structures, whose annual output reaches 15 thousand metric tons of various products, including nutritional enhancers and food additives such as taurine, creatine monohydrate, Guanidineacetic acid and Guanidine propionate, etc. More than 90% of Yuanyang products are for exports, and all products are popular in the global market.


        The quality and food safety of Yuanyang's ( Including Changshu Jincheng Food Additive Co., Ltd. ) products are ensured by scientific management, advanced processing technology and modern equipment. Our management and products are certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, KOSHER, HALAL and so on. Yuanyang is always focusing on development of science and technology, constantly increasing technological investment and keeping intensive and comprehensive co-operations with institutions and universities home and abroad. A Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Research Center for Special Fine Chemicals was set up by our company and a Postgraduate Workstation has been allocated in Yuanyang, conducting development and exploitation of new process and new products.


        Yuanyang takes "cooperation, sincerity and friendship" as her criterion towards customers; "safety first, environment protection uppermost" as her guiding ideology of development; "advanced process, first-rate products, perfect service" as her firm principle in business. 


        Yuanyang's products are well received by customers in and out of China for the superior quality, reasonable price, true sincerity and reliable service. Yuanyang is greatly obliged to the trust from customers. Welcome to Yuanyang to favor us instructive inspections and audits.


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